Demeter Fragrance Library - Cotton Candy

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Hey hunnies! Today I have a Demeter Fragrance Library fragrance for you in the scent Cotton Candy!
Demeter Fragrance Library - Cotton Candy
Demeter Fragrance Library - Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy is such a well known treat. It's mainly known for being a sweet treat that we get at the carnival. Something you enjoy no matter what age you are. I remember being so amazing when I'd put a bit on my tongue & it would just melt & disappear.

The taste of Cotton Candy is very hard to describe, it's a bit of a super sweet with a slight hint of a sweet tanginess. Man I wish I have some right now to help me out.

This fragrance is such a sweet scent. In the very first couple of spritz I don't think it smells like cotton candy. I find the initial scent to be much sweeter & tangier. Then after about 10 seconds that goes away & it morphs into the sweet Cotton Candy scent. I truly love this fragrance & would highly recommend it to anyone & everyone. Unless you don't like sweet scents.

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