Demeter Fragrance Library - Bubble Gum

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Hello beauties this post will be on the Bubble Gum scented fragrance from Demeter Fragrance Library.
Demeter Fragrance Library - Bubble Gum
Demeter Fragrance Library - Bubble Gum
The scent captured in this bottle is the scent of the Original Double Bubble bubble gum mixed with the scent of those colorful gum balls you find in packs of six at the corner store or in gum ball machines. It's a bit of a spicy sweet scent that smells just like the gum used to taste. It's a very nostalgic scent considering now a days, I mainly go for the mint flavoured gum. & in all honestly I completely forgot about that gum, so when got this & did a test spray I just was so mesmerized by it that I wanted to smell it everywhere. I wanted to smell it in my beauty room, bedroom on my clothes & on my self.

This is such a fun, innocent & playful smell that would be perfect for young girls who want to wear perfume just like mommy, or a teenager who is just being introduced into fragrances. I also this it's great for the young at heart because it's really such a nostalgic scent. 

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