Daggett & Ramsdell Brush-On Nail Repair from AOneBeauty.com

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Hey guys! Today I have a nail related review for you. It's the Daggett & Ramsdell Brush-On Nail Repair from AOneBeauty.com
The Brush-On Nail Repair claims it instantly repairs splits, chips & breaks. However I have used almost the whole bottle minus a few drops that I was just unable to get, & I don't think this worked at all. Every time I had a break, I'd pull it out & use it. it worked for the first few seconds after it dried & that was it. It didn't hold up while I was doing the dishes or cleaning. It was also very didn't support my break at all. Sometime it just chipped away. It's almost like the company put a regular base coat in a bottle & called it a nail repair. Because this product did not do anything for me at all. 
Would I recommend this? No. However if it's something you're really interested in trying go for it. It could possible be my body chemistry or something. So you may have different results.

This item can be purchased on Aonebeauty.com for $3.49. I think that's a pretty good price since you get a good amount of product. & I love that it's not an expensive item because then if the results aren't awesome, you didn't spend a lot.

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