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Have you ever wanted to create your own glitter polish? It's always something I wanted to do, & now because of I have! & This is how it turned out...
Polish names from Left to Right IntenseCircleTherapy, IntenseSquareTherapy & IntensePolishParty
Here is a beautifully accurate quote from the founder of Nayll, Sara Harvey "I’ve got the glitter, I’ve got the colors, you’ve got the power to make it all from scratch.
Oh, and I’ll do the clean up."  What they do at Nayll is a beautifully brilliant.

Now let's talk some serious real talk for a  minute. How many places have you been told something along the lines of  "You can make your own polish, just take a clear polish & add glitter or eyeshadow"? Everywhere right?  Then you try it & it's nothing like you expected + you have a mess in your lap or on your desk. & on top of that an hour or so later everything you just put in that clear polish has sunk to the bottom & is a pain in the butt to shake because they didn't tell you to add mixing balls or even mention that it'll all sink! & To top if off if you used the wrong glitter, it can bleed & discolour the polish, toco'd (When the glitter curls up & looks like the shape of a toco shell) up or melted in the clear polish! Yuck! That's never fun.

However you don't have to worry about any of that when you use the Nayll website. They've already tested all the glitter & all the glitter is put in a suspension base which means it will suspend the glitter evenly thought it & stop it from all sinking to the bottom. & they even include two mixing balls just in case some done settle over time which can happen to any polish after sitting for a LONG (not a few hours or day) time.
I seriously enjoyed creating my own polishes. Next time I think I am gonna experiment a little bit & go out of my comfort zone. I really love glitters as you can tell however the website has a ton of options & I love glitter & sparkle so I couldn't help myself!

I would highly recommend checking out this site. It's super spectacular. You can do so much, including making Gender revealing polish favours for a baby shower, Bridesmaids gifts, best friend forever polishes & so on.

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