Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil (Virgin & Cold-Pressed

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Hey guys! Today I have a very wonderful multipurpose, almost do all product to share with you! It's the Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil ! So let's jump right into it, because theres lots to share! 
Coconut oil is such an amazing thing. It's great for so many uses & actually among doing my research about this product I came across a post containing 76 uses for coconut oil! Uses such as beauty & grooming, Home & Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Health & Wellness & even for your pets!
So the link to that post will be right >Here<

So what I did was once it was in a liquid state I poured some of it in a mason jar to put it in my beauty room & kept this jar in my kitchen. Since each jar is being used for different thing it keeps things more clean.

Here are some of my favourite uses for Coconut oil:Cuticle Oil, Hair Oil to fight frizz, Makeup Remover, Foot softener, Lash oil, Cooking, Bug Bites. If you're interested in me doing posts on these please let me know.

This coconut oil is available in two different sizes the 12 oz for $7.99 or the 54 oz for $26.99

I would highly recommend checking this product out because if you don't like it for one thing theres a ton of other uses for it. & if you do love it for one thing you'll most likely love it for all the others. & With how much uses you can get out of one product image how much you can save just from not buying a ton of other products?

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