Calvin Klein - Eternity Summer for her

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With summer being nearly over I realized I might want to get this post up ASAP. So let's jump right in it!
Calvin Klein - Eternity Summer for her
Calvin Klein - Eternity Summer for her
Eternity Summer is a summer at the beach in a bottle. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy summer, but I don't love it. I used to... but I don't know what changed. I started thinking summer is too hot on some days, too cloudy on others & then theres those hot days followed by those humid & rainy (DOWNPOURING) days. I prefer fall & winter. I just don't know why. I used to hate them but now it's totally the opposite. However if you're not like me...

I think this fragrance will be perfect to help you get through it. It's a very warm & fresh scent that smells a bit of fruit & bamboo with a bit of soft musk. Very feminine & wears excellent. The lasting ability is about 5-6 hours.

I would recommend checking this out next time you see or even look for it when you're out & about. It might just be the perfect "Help me through the colder seasons" product. 

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