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Hey guys! Today I will be sharing the Urthbox with you! If you have no clue what Urthbox is, it's a subscription box that Focuses on Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural products. So basically a but of yummy healthy snacks for you to discover & try. 

So this is what was in last months (June 2014) Urthbox

All natural roasted seaweed from the brand Seaweed Love

Katapult Energy's -  Explore Tomato Basil Flax 

Missy J's - Truffley Treats, Coconut Almond & Sea Salt

Home Free Treats - Mini Vanilla Cookies

Peeled Snacks - Apple Clusters 

Natural Sins - Crispy Pineapple Thins

Smooch - Fruit Snacks

Saffron Road - Bombay Spice Crunchy Chickpeas

Ground-Based - Superfood Protein Smoothie (Strawberry Cream)

My favourites were the Pineapple thins & the apple clusters. However my husbands favourite were the Chickpeas & the Protein smoothie & my daughters favourite was the Vanilla cookies & the Smooch snack pouch. 

So I absolutely loved this box. It had something in it for almost all of my family. Except for my little man, but he's only 4 months old. So that wasn't a huge deal. It also introduced me into a large variety of products I have never heard of or even tried. 

This was perfect since I am beginning to be more aware of what I'm eating & snacking on. I would highly recommend checking out this product & at least trying it once. There's different types of boxes you can choose from. So its customized to what you're into whether it be gluten-free, diet, vegan or the classic box. & they also not only do different types of boxes but different sizes, so some are more affordable than others which makes it easy for people who are on a tight budget or would like to just test it out. Which is wonderful that they would consider & do the extra work to cater to different peoples wants & needs.  

Heres their website if it's something you're interested in.

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