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Hey guys! Today I have a super fun post to share with you. Today I will be reviewing & sharing the nail art I have created using the MoYou Nails stamping system. The products I will be using are the MoYou Kitty SetThe black stamping polish & Image Plate 206So let's just jump right in!
Design #1
Fun & Floral
 For this design Applied two coats of a vibrant pink polish. Once dry I used multiple flower images from  Image Plate 202Image Plate 237 (both came in the Kitty Set) & the black stamping polish. I am still pretty new to stamping but for every time I practice i get better each time. Just watch the difference from this photo & the next two.

 Design #2
Knockout Stars 
 For this design I painted my thumb, middle & pinkie finger with a black polish, & painted my ring & pointer finger with a while polish. Once my polish was dry I used Black & white MoYou stamping polish (applying white over black & black over white.& Image Plate 206 (the stars in the middle) & Applied the image 2-3 times to each nail depending on the nails size.

 Design #3
Lions & Bunnies & Bears !
To create this super simple design I used a nice caramel brown for base colour & using the black stamping polish & Image Plate 206 I used the Bear, Lion & Bunny images & applied them to the nails. 


I really enjoyed using the MoYou Nails stamping products. The images were clean & well detailed. As well as the stamping polish was the perfect consistency & had the perfect opacity. This set would be perfect for a beginner such as myself. Since it comes with the basics. I really do highly commend these products just for the simple fact they're excellent quality. I didn't have any problems with the stamping polishes or plates.

So if you know or you're someone who loves or is interested in nail art & even more so stamping, you should check them out for sure. They're affordable & have a large variety of items.  

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