Mother's Day Bouquet from Demeter Fragrance Library 2014 edition

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Hello everyone, today I will be sharing the Mother's Day Bouquet from Demeter Fragrance Library which is a floral set that contains Lavender, Jasmine & Lilac. So let's get right into this.

Lavender is so wonderful. I am in love with Lavender everything, so it's pretty natural for me to automatically love this. I do feel that this is more of a fall scent, just because I always associate Lavender with being comforted or relaxed. So for me I do enjoy the scent but not as a body fragrance, I prefer this most as a room spay. I spray this in my room almost every evening, so when I am getting ready to go to bed, my room has a very comforting atmosphere & the spritz of Lavender is just the cherry on top.

Jasmine is a very scent that crept up on me. When I first sprayed it, it overwhelmed me with a nostalgic feeling, but I couldn't figure out where I knew the scent from. However after wearing it for a while It hit me, & out of nowhere too! My mother used to get those bath balls that you drop in warm water & they have hardish gel like casing but a scented oil inside... Anyone know what I'm talking about? Well my mother use to get them all the time & I loved them. I never really paid much attention to the scent, I just enjoyed watching them melt in the water. So now I really enjoy using this spray if I start my day late, so normally in the afternoon or so, as well as spraying it in the bathroom before I starting running the bath water.

Lilac is always a very subtle scent. I've always found it to be a more playful freshy floral scent. It's a gorgeous scent to wear during the spring & summer especially for day wear. It instantly gives a you a "Feel good" feeling. I adore this fragrance for that reason it's very. & Even tho I just said " It's a gorgeous scent to wear during the spring & summer" I think it's even better during the winter just because we all need that little extra bit of boost during the cold winter days & I believe this will help me or you through it.

I don't know how Demeter always surprises me with such realistic scents. You think I would be used to it by now, however each time my mind is always blown. I love Demeter fragrances & would highly recommend checking them out. I know floral scents are not for everyone, so if you're one of those people they have plenty others to check out. They're pretty affordable, great quality & have a huge variety to suit ANYONES needs or wants.

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