Miss Charming by Juliette Has a Gun from Perfume Paradise

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Hello everyone! I will be sharing a beautiful fragrance with you. It's Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun from PerfumeParadise.ca . So if you enjoy a good fragrance you may just want to stick around for this post!
The first scent that catches your attention a rosy floral scent that brings my mind to a fresh garden early in the morning. Closely following the floral scent is a very sweet fruit smell, almost like candied fruit or better yet fruit sprinkled with a bit of sugar. Not sure if anyones ever had this experience when you smell something & it smells so much like something you've actually tasted. Yeah, that's kind of happening right now. There is a tiny hint of musk but it's barely there. It's like its there just to blend the sweet scent with the floral scent. Which is does very nicely. 

I really am impressed with this perfume, I was asked what I was wearing & where could they get it. So I assume that must mean they liked it... right? The lasting ability of this perfume is just a bit more than average. So now only will it last you all through work but it'll keep going all the way home.  

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