Heart & Snowflake stamping plate from BornPrettyStore

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Hey guys today I will be sharing a stamping plate that has a bunch of cute snowflakes & hearts on it which is called "Nail Art Stamp Template Cute Snow Heart Pattern QA86" from BornPrettyStore.com

For this look I used a white jelly polish, white stamping polish & a regular white polish. 
Now some of you may think that this would only be usable for winter, however because it has lots & lots of different heart options it makes it perfect to have or use anytime of the year. However my favourite part of this stamping plate is the snowflakes. Theres such a great mixture of different snowflake designs & sizes.  

The images are very clear & have clean lines. I didn't have a single problem with this plate which makes me super excited, considering I can't wait to use it again & share that manicure with you as well!

This plate costs $2.99, which i think it super affordable since it's such a great plate. It has an amazing design is & great quality. I would really suggest getting this!

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