Different Dimension - Wish you were here swatch

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Hey guys! Today I have a beautiful glitter top coat to share with you. It's Wish You Were Here from Different Dimension.
Different Dimension - Wish you were here
Different Dimension - Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here, is a gorgeous top coat that have a ton of different blue & pink glitters in it, from large circles to tiny squares. & then there's also large silver holographic circles. All the beautiful glitters are suspended in a clear suspension base. Normally before I apply a glitter top coat I'll place the bottle upside down for a few minutes beforehand. Which allows the glitter time to sink so it's much easier to apply. However there's just the right amount of glitter in the perfect suspension base so I didn't have to do that. In the picture above is one coat of the glitter top coat.  However if you desire more glitter you could always keep it upside down before application or apply two coats.

* Wish You Were Here was applied over Ceramic Glaze Mermaid's Tale. 

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