Demeter Fragrance Library - Clean & Fresh set

Press Sample

 Hey guys! Today I will be sharing a perfume set that I hope interests you. It'll be the Demeter Fragrance Library Clean & Fresh scent collection. So let's jump right in.

Baby Powder, so much like baby powder it's insane. It was so realistic smelling that it was almost nostalgic. I almost wanna say it smells pure, but I don't think that makes a lot of sense. However way I say it, i'm basically just trying to say this smells exactly like baby powder.

Pure Soap, now this soap I'd buy. The smell of this perfume is not like the smell of that chalky strong smelling super classic soap. This soap is more of a soft, clean, & gentle smelling soap. 

Clean Skin this scent is very strange. I have no clue whose clean skin this perfume is supposed to smell like however it's not mine. & to be honest I have no clue what actual clean skin smells like. Normally when I get out of the shower my skin smells like the body wash or shampoo I used.  However it does smell nice. 

The Clean & Fresh set is available at Loblaws for $29.00 CAD. So if you enjoy clean smells I'd suggest checking out this set. 

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