Blue Jewel Slant Tweezers from Tweezerman!

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be on the Blue Jewel Slant Tweezers by Tweezerman. If someone of you have been on the fence about purchasing Tweezermans tweezers, I am here to help you jump off that fence, & run out & purchase a pair. But first let's jump right into the review.

"You get what you pay for." 
Have you ever heard of that phrase? If so you've probably had a bad experience with a cheap brand or a knockoff. & Sometimes you find the odd product that is really just as good as the brand name one but much cheaper. & then other times you really wish you just spent the bit extra to get the well known high end brand. Well this is gonna be one of those types of products. 

I can honestly say I used to buy cheap tweezers all the time! They'd work pretty good the first time around but then after that they worked less & less until I had to go out & buy another cheapy pair. & it was a vicious & what I thought to be a non-stop cycle. Until I discovered (well not really I always knew about them but just thought they were overpriced) Tweezerman tweezers. & let me tell you, these things are amazing.

They're super sharp (in a good way) & super precise. You can just tell when holding them, that they're not cheap in any way. & that if you take care of them, they WILL last you a long long time. These also came in a plastic case which I think is perfect for storing them in so I can put them in my bag or in my draws & not have to worry about anything banging up against them & dulling them. 

If some of you have seen what I look like you'll know I have thick dark hair so my eyebrows are thick & dark. However with these I just aim & pinch the hair that I wish to "pluck" & it comes out. I don't have to try over & over. It's gone the FIRST time. 
& I also use this on my upper lip hair. Shhhh let's just keep that between you & me though. 

So I would highly recommend jumping off the fence about this brand & just spend the extra bit & watch how long they will last you. & They'll probably save you a good amount because you wont have to keep buying keep tweezers over & over again. So break the cycle & try em'!

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