Two Non-Toxic Top Coats + Foils. Which one will work & which one won't?!

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Hey guys! Today I have a super awesome & hopefully super helpful post for you! So todays post is gonna be on non-toxic top coats which are PERFECT for foils. So let's get right into the post. 
Okay so I have two non-toxic top coats to share with you today on the left is the Sprout - raindrop clear top coat & on the right is the Blossom Top Coat.

If you've ever used foils you might already know that regular top coat will make them wrinkle & shrivel up. So all the work you just put into your manicure just went straight down the toilet. Which is always depressing. Anyways I heard that non toxic top coats work wonders for over foils. So when both brands sent me theirs I was thrilled! I used the Sprout top coat a few times & it never once made the foils shrivel up. So I automatically thought that all non toxic top coats would work.
Blossom Top Coat Over Foils
  So When I did the manicure photographed above I was surprised how it turned out. & Of course I was very upset. I just spent time applying my base coat, base colour, foil glue, foils & only to apply the top coat & have this happen. It's a very annoying/upsetting situation.  
 Sprout - Raindrop Clear top coat
So I redid the whole manicure all over again & topped it with the Sprout top coat, let it fully dry, WRINKLE FREE & then I applied my favourite top coat over it for extra protection.
I would highly recommend getting the sprout non toxic top coat for foils I know it works 100% & will vouch for it.

So if you're interested in getting your hands on the Sprout Non Toxic Top Coat, it can be purchased on etsy for $5.51
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