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Hey guys! This post is gonna be on the amazing product that I really as oddly as this sounds... Love. They're the Public Toilet Seat Covers by Toletta from

These are amazing. I love them for the fact that I HATE using public washrooms. Sometimes they're just so disgusting but you feel like you have no other option unless you're willing to squat in the bush. However I don't think that's as easy to do if you're in the city. When I first got this I was one of those people who thought this was a bit of a silly product. However I threw it in my bag & it stayed in there for a while. Until one time I was out & about shopping with my friend & I needed to use the bathroom. It was a very unsanitary bathroom so one of these came in very handy. I wouldn't say I'm a germaphobe but I don't want urine or poop particles on my bum or my legs especially if they're someone else's! Yuck. So I would highly recommend these. They gave me peace in mind. 

They're available for $2.97 on

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