Sweetie Pie - Katy Perry Lashes created by Eylure

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I am super excited to be sharing the Katy Berry Lashes that are created by Eylure. So Let's get started!!! 
The Lashes from this collection will be the "Sweetie Pie" ones which are a gorgeous & have a naturally dramatic look to them. Which is pretty much everyones type of falsies. I really enjoyed using these for the fact that about 5 months ago I had no clue on how to use these. So I bought a bunch of cheapies off of ebay & practiced & practiced so now I can use higher end ones that are good quality very easily. So I would highly recommend trying that. 

I am really in love with this pair of lashes just because they look like they're just a super amazing mascara. Or as if I was actually super lucky & was born with gorgeous lashes. However I was not & I have super stubby lashes so these are my new fave beauty product. These ones are super durable, in fact this is the third time I've worn them & they still look beautiful. So I really good give it up to them when it comes to quality. 
I really enjoyed using these, they are a great product & they are a product I would purchase once these are no longer usable. They're a fantastic product that gives great results. 

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