My nail care routine featuring my favourite products.

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing my nail care routine. Now I have been perfecting this routine for about 1-2 years trying to find all the items I love & can really see results from. So these are all my favourite items to keep my nails strong & polished. Enjoy!

So first off I start by using Swan Strengthening Nail Polish Remover with Gelatin to take off any previous polish I had on. I found this at Dollar Tree about 3 months ago. I have been using this & only this since then. So I think it's safe to say this is now permanent nail polish remover.
Once all my nail polish has been removed I file some length down to a medium length using my Mont-Bleu Crystal File. I prefer a crystal file, because it takes down length very easily & is gentle on the nails. I also file down my nails because if I continue to let them grow they'll most likely break because they've already started to peel a tiny bit at the edges. So once that happens I file them down till I have a strong free edge that isn't peeling or have any cracks in it

To clean up the look of my cuticles I use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover in the blue packaging. I've been using this one for years & it's always done the job amazingly. With that because said I have tried two other Sally Hansen cuticle removers as well as other brands & I haven't found anything so far that works better for me. Now I believe using this to remove cuticles is okay. However using cuticle nippers is not. Never CUT your cuticles. This product removers only the dead, dried up cuticle leftovers & non of the healthy parts. 
How I use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover is by applying the gel around my nails letting it sit for about 3-5 minutes. 
Then using a wooden stick like the one in this picture to go around my cuticle & nail lightly removing all of the yuckiness & wiping the gel that gets on the stick onto a paper towel. I bought a huge bag of these from Sallys Beauty Supply like two years ago & still have about 30 left. They're sturdy, disposable & long lasting. Also they're not sharp so they won't scratch your nail plate. I've try so many different metal & plastic ones however most of them just scratch my nail bed or get lost & I end up finding them months later. So the wood sticks are a must have for me. 

Once I am done with the cuticle remover, this may sound were but I use the Lush Sparkle Toothy Tabs to scrub my nails. Yes I said it the tooth tabs. I tried using them to brush my teeth my the flavour was just not in my favour. & because I didn't want them to go to waste I thought I'd try using them to clean my nails & they did wonders. So these are now my nail washy tabs. & I will deff be picking up another maybe in a different flavour next time. :P  So heres how I use them.
First off in addition to the Lush toothy tabs I also use my daughter old tooth brush. I actually really enjoy this one because of the ball at the end. Makes for good crushing. 
So using the end of the toothbrush (a drop of water) I break up the tab. 
I put a bit of water in the bristles of the brush & then start mixing the water with the tab. 
Once it's mixed I start scrubbing around my cuticles, nail beds
& don't forget to get under your free edge!
This is what they look like when they're done being filed, the dead cuticles have been removed & they'd been washed/scrubbed. 

After that I apply my favourite base coat which is the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener. I have been using this one for a while now & It helps my nails stay strong. I did just get a new strengthener so I will be trying that out once this bottle is finished. 

Next I apply the polish I have chosen to wear, this time I decided to go with Colors by Llarowe - Independence Day. I used two coats because it's a habit however it only needed one to be opaque. 

Once that is dry I apply my favourite top coat which is Sally Hansen Insti-Dri (the one in the red bottle) however I ran out of that once & used my Essence XXXL Shine Gel-look topcoat. (Forgot to photograph) 

Once my top coat & polish is dry I message Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter into my cuticles. 

After that I apply my favourite hand lotion which is OPI's Avojuice in the scent Cran & Berry!

Usually I do this whole routine once a week or sometimes every week. Depending on the weather & how my cuticles are looking. I scrub my nails with the toothy tabs 1-2 times per week, & I apply the Lemony flutter once a day & use my lotion every time I'm done washing my hands. 

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