Kawaii Supplies - Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription Service.

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Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing & sharing an amazing subscription service called Kawaii Supplies. 
I was lucky enough & received the premium subscription which is a box that contains a bunch of goodies that wouldn't fit the the slot of doom. & lol. According to Kawaii Supplies the "Slot of Doom", "is it is a plastic slot that is 2 cm in height. If an over-sized envelope is able to pass through and remain under 500g, then it is mailed as a letter and the shipping cost is much much cheaper."
So this is how it came. In the box contains a piece of paper that has all the descriptions & ingredients of each item on it. I honestly prefer to just try everything without knowing what it was that I was eating. However I did include the description of each products under the picture for those who are interested.

  Puccho - Chewy flavorful candy that has a bit of sourness to them.

 Ramune Iro Iro - A sour melt-in-your-mouth candy that has several flavours.

 Calcium Sen - It's a mildly sweet cracker that has a lot of calcium in it. 

 Shimi Choco Corn - A crunchy chocolate stick.  (Favourite)

 Mochi Taro - Salty bite-size rice crackers. 

 Yoiko Waruiko (Green Apple & Grape Flavour) - Hard Candies. Yoiko means good child & Waruiko means naughty child.

 New Fue Ramune - Candy that you can use as a whistle. Blow through the hole to hear a whistle sound.

 Melon Pandaro - A buttery short-bread like cookie that has a hint of melon aroma. 

 Koibito Boshoochoo (Strawberry Flavoured) - Chocolate. Koibito Boshoochoo means "Looking for/advertising for a boyfriend/girlfriend".

Potato Fry - Similar to a rice cracker (fries are called potato fry or patao in Japanese).

 Hiyatto suru candy - Hard candy that has a cooling sensation. 

Pierre Ojisan No Roll Cake - Soft strawberry flavoured roll cake.  

Makken Gumi - Cider flavoured gummy candy that you can play rock-scissors with. 

 Pucchibi - Sweet chewy ramune candy. 

Umani-bo Teriyaki Flavour - A puffed snack that has the texture of cheetos but without the cheese flavour. 

I LOVED EVERYTHING. There was not 1 single thing that I didn't enjoy. I really loved that fact that this subscription service allows you to try things that aren't very easily accessible to many Canadians. I love trying different food & snack items from different countries so this was right up my alley. I would highly recommend subscribing to this box at least for a 1 month trial run, because it is so fun. My husband enjoyed this more than I did & he's never expressed that this would be something he would be into. So It appeals to a large variety of people. If you'd like to know more about this subscription service go to http://www.kawaii-supplies.com/

Also because they're located in Canada you don't have to worry about duty fees or high shipping rates!

The main pages I would suggest to check out would be the FAQ page & the Subscription info page because they're both very informative & have pretty much covered everything possible. 

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