Beauty Uk - Lip Vinyl no. 3 Privilege

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be on a lip products from Beauty UK. It's one of their lip vinyls in the shade Number 3 Privilege. So let's jump right into it because the saying don't judge a book by it's cover. 
Beauty Uk - Lip Vinyl no. 3 Privilege

I kinda love the package is this lip vinyl (Why kinda?!... Keep reading). It's simple & compact which makes it perfect so traveling, & even to throw in your clutch, purse or pocket when you go out. It comes with doe foot applicator that is attached to the tube instead of the lip which i like but then I question how well it'll work when the product is almost done. Will be one like off of the other tube products that don't allow you to fully finish all of the product so you end up wasting a bunch. (I'll update this when I get to that point in time.) 
Beauty Uk - Lip Vinyl no. 3 Privilege
& This is how it looks on my lips. I'm not sure why it comes out so light on my lips but it does. It comes out slightly lighter than the tube colour when I swatch it on my arm. But as soon as I apply it to the lips it turns super light.
The formula was good, it lasted a decent amount of time but did need to be reapplied. I also like that when it did start to wear off it didn't wear off in a patchy style. It was also very creamy so it wasn't sticky, but more smooth & pleasant to wear.
With all that being said I love the shade that it turned out to be. So I would suggest looking up swatches before purchasing. They're pretty affordable costing £2.99 which is about $6.00 CAD. Which is the average cost of a lip gloss. 

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