Annabelle Waterproof lip liner Boisenberry + Annabelle Twistup Lipstick Crayon Royale

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Hey guys! This post is gonna be a review on the Annabelle Waterproof Lipliner in the shade Boisenberry & The Twist up Lipstick Crayon.  So let's get right into it ! (= 

I have seriously been getting into lip products lately & one of the things I always use to forget about is lip liner & how much it actually does. Often my lipsticks would feather out & I always, always blamed the product & thought it was just cheap. When in reality it was my ignorance on beauty not the quality of the product. So when I found the Waterproof Annabelle one, I had to try it.
I really enjoyed how well it worked. I found that it stays on for a long time. & It was very opaque so I didn't have to layer it on. Which is something I love in a product. 
Then I used the Annabelle twist up lipstick Crayon & it was so awesome. I love how smooth it glided on & it was just such a pleasing product to use. It does need touching up every now & then however when it started to wear off it was an even fade. It didn't fade off patchy.
They're pretty affordable, the waterproof lip liner costs around $6.00 & the Lipstick costs around & Can be found at most places that sell cosmetics. 

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