The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer Review

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Hey guys! This product review will be on the Lip Line Fixer from The Body Shop. & so lets get started !  

A creamy, moisturizing, retractable pencil that can be used to form an invisible barrier around the mouth area to help 'fill' fine lines and prevent lipstick bleeding. Dermatologically tested." 

 100% agree with the websites description.
 It's amazing. You can use this with lip glosses, tint lip balms, lipsticks & any other lip product that you don't want to bleed. So unique lipstick shades have become super popular in the past few years however I doubt they make a bunch of lip liners for them so this is perfect for that. Having a hard time finding a light blue lip pencil, get one of these. Problem Solved.
 You can't even see it on the lips. The only ting you notice is that the lines in my lips are as noticeable at the edges of my lips which means the product is "clearly" (lmao) doing it's job. 

So honestly in my opinion because it does what it's supposed so & can work with any lip product shade it's well worth the $12.00 !

Highly recommended.

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