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Hey guys! Today I have a super awesome post to share with you. It's a review on the iFaru Sugar Creme Brulee candle. So if you're interested in knowing why I think it's so amazing, just keep reading!

 So I freaking love this candle. This was my first wood wick candle & I really enjoyed it. My husband wasn't a huge fan of the crackling wood noises. but that was one of my favourite things about it. Maybe it's because when I was younger I lived on my reserve so there was a lot of camping, which means plenty of campfires & so the wood crackling noise is pretty soothing to me. Especially when I'm taking a nice long soak in the tub.
The scent to me is just as comforting as the wood crackling. It has super warm & sweet scent that reminds me of toasted marshmallows which is another nostalgic sense for me. It's so warm & inviting you really can't go wrong. This is honestly one of the best smelling candles I have even used.  

 So this is what it looks like once it's all used up. I love how little product is left. In other candles I've used they would be plenty left & i'm not sure if thats the whole woodwick part thats doing that but I love it & appreciate it because it means I'm getting more for my money. So now all I have to do it clean it out & I have a cute storage container for my rings or nail art bows. Of course that's 2 things I can use it for that i just though of off the top of my head so i'm sure there are plenty more uses you could use it for. 
So not only does this have a woodwick that crackles & reminds me of campfires but it also to me smells like toasted marshmallows. Once it's done there's barely any product left & is in a reusable container.
So honestly you really can't go wrong purchasing this. I know I'm planning on getting another one. So that clearly means I love it & do recommend it!

If you like what you see or what you're reading & want one you can purchase them here

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