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Hey guys! Todays review is gonna be on the Shara Shara Baby Hand & Nail Mask from! So as always I'm just gonna keep this part short & sweet so we can get right into it!

So this is what the packaging looks like. It's super cute foil pack. Most of the writing is in Korean I believe so I cannot read it however they do have helpful pictures ! 
So what I understand from the pictures is shows the gloves, both left & right. Then it shows the little tab that you use to tighten the glove around your wrist. & Once you'd done that you leave it for 20 minutes & Taadaa! You have amazingly smooth & soft hands!
So this is what the hand glove looks like. It's a flexible plastic material on the outside.  
So once you have the glove on & the bottom part tightened around your wrist you, it says you should wait a 20 minutes. I'll admit I left it on much longer because I enjoyed it. It didn't get in the way of my typing or channel changing. Which I very pleased with!
So this is before as you can see my cuticles are a bit dry & I'm starting to get some hang nails & the skin on my fingers are kind of tight & a tad dry. 
& this is after! My hands are super soft, all of my dry spots are super moisturized & my hands look, feel & are much healthier than before the treatment.

I AM RECOMMENDING THIS product to everyone & anyone. This is AMAZING! I am seriously gonna have to get more & do this at least twice a month. I love these!
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& If you're interested in checking out their website & social media links here they are.

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