Organic Charcoal Detox Olive Oil Soap from 100% Pure

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be on a Organic Olive Oil Soap that is also a Charcoal Detox from 100% Pure. So if your interested in what I think just continue reading!

 I was actually pleasantly surprised by this product in many ways! 
I've heard a lot about charcoal soap and, of course, when you hear a lot about something you're bound to be impressed or disappointed. It's longer-lasting than most soaps, especially natural ones that seem to dissolve a little bit quicker than you'd like, and the little bar will do for a while.

 The scent isn't even remotely unpleasant and I quite like it actually, being clean feeling, earthy and exactly how you think it should smell, with an additional freshness that you wouldn't expect. 
I really enjoyed the exfoliating properties and the downside would be that, if you use the soap in the tub, you need to prepare for a dark ring. It's charcoal, what do you expect?! You will have black bath water, definitely.  At the same time, the colouring proves somewhat amusing and will appeal to the child within.
I do think that, if you use this soap, you'll want a nice moisturizer because it does take off a good layer of skin and you'll get dry if you don't have one.

Highly recommended for any skin type!

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