Lush Mothers Day 2014 Review (The Mum Bubble Bar Wand, Rose Bubble Bar & Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb)

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Hey guys! I hope everyone had an amazing mothers day & if you were luck able to pick up some of the limited edition mothers day lush products because sadly they're no longer available
. So I received 3 of the products & if you're interested in checking out my thoughts on them, just continue reading. & remember it all starts out with a clean bathtub & some warm-hot water. (=

So the first up is the Mum Reusable Bubble Wand.  
This bubble bar must be one of my all time favourites. I love love love the caramel scent that it had to it. The website described it as the Honey, I washed the kids soap, however since I have yet to try that one. I was more leaning towards It's Raining Men Body Shower Gel. Which is my all time favourite shower gel from lush.
Now I do sadly wish that they made this into a regular bubble bar because when I was letting it dry for the next use it kind of just broke into large pieces. Which I really don't because I break them up for multiple uses anyways. 

 The Rose Bubble Bar was a new addition to the Mothers Day collection & I must admit I am very impress with how much bubbles I got from using such a small piece! Like It's bubbles galore!
 The Inhale Exhale bath bomb was pretty good. I love how it looked while it was fizzing away. This wasn't my favourite smell but it's not something I would avoid. I just prefer more sweet candy type scents. Other than that it really helped me wind down & relax. Okay who am I kidding. They all did.

Anyways if you missed your chance to pick up any from this year, don't forget theres always a mothers day next year so mark it down a couple of weeks early to remind yourself. I know I'll be picking up a few of the Mum Bubble Wands for sure !

Anyways take care & relax !

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