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Hey guys! Today I have an awesome review for you. It's a super handy product called the Hot Iron Holster! So if you wanna know more about it & what I thought of it, all you gotta do is keep reading. 

So what the Hot Iron Holster is, is a product made out of heat resistance silicon that is made to hold your hold styling tools. Now because of the material it's made from it can attract hair, fuzzy & dust. & when that happens all you gotta do is rinse it with water & if you'd like soap. 

The claim "Cling to any sink or countertop" had me slightly skeptical because I wasn't sure if it would actually work on the one in my bathroom so when I tried it out I was very impressed because it did cling, very well I might add. My bathroom countertop is tiny tiles & framed with wood. & I thought that the wood would interfere with it's gripping ability however it did not. It held on the the sick & held my flat iron without falling & same with my blow dryer.
Hot Iron Holster Deluxe - Price: $29.95 & is available in 11 different colours. 
These make styling your hair just a bit more convenient & leaves your counter less crowded. I think this would be perfect for someone who has a pedestal sink because they don't have countertops.  These are also super easy to store away with your flat iron. 
Highly recommend!

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  1. Hi there! This Hot Iron Holster really got my attention. I bet it'll do a great job holding Karmin G3 flat hair iron. Awesome! :)