Fusion Color Contact Lens(2Tone) - Turquoise from AOneBeauty.com Review

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be a review of the By Fusion 3 tone turquiose lenses from AOneBeauty.com

So this is what the packaging looks like. It's a bright pink package that contains almost everything you need. It comes with the lenses, the lense case & the lense care instructions. Which I seriously am thankful for. Most companies that sell contacts usually don't come with contact cases which can be very inconvenient. 
& Here is what the lenses look like, when applied on the eye. I personally enjoy the transition from blue to brown. It makes it look slightly more realistic compared to it just being a circle of blue & thats it. Instead it goes from bright blue to a light blue to a light brown. 
These lenses are seriously comfortable! They're super thin & very opaque in colour which I can & do very much appreciate considering I have very dark brown eyes. These only cost $18.99 CAD which is very reasonable for coloured lenses especially for ones that are so comfortable & opaque in colour!

Highly recommend these! If you're interested in purchasing a pair click HERE

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