Face Atelier Lip Glaze - Pixie Swatches & Review

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Hey guys! I hope everyones mothers day is great so far! This post is gonna be featuring FACE ateliers lip glaze in the shade Pixie! Which is a super simple but amazing shade! So before this I have never tried FACE atelier however I am seriously impressed with all of the product samples I received to review. So with that being sad I am very happy to share with you . So lets get started! 
Face Atelier Lip Glaze - Pixie

Face Atelier Lip Glaze - Pixie
So Pixie is a beautifully simple salmon pink shade, thats more on the pink side. It has beautiful formula, that I've never used. The product is a bit goopy in texture but then when you apply it, it becomes a different texture. It's between goop & slick. It's not so slick it feels oil but not goopy enough that it's sticky. I love the formula & the tone of the shade. It just looks stunning on the lips. It's also very moisturizing. Sadly I only got a sample size so I am gonna be picking up the full size of this glaze for sure. 
Face Atelier Lip Glaze - Pixie
 I would highly recommend their lip glazes especially in this shade. & because it's so perfect it's also great for all year round. LOVE IT.

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