Demeter Fragrance Library - Blueberry

Press Sample

Hey guy! This post is gonna be a super yummy one! It's a fragrance review of Demeter Fragrance Library in the scent Blueberry!

So this fragrance has a super delicious smell to it. & right after the product leaves the bottle & your noise catches the slightest bit of the scent your stomach just goes crazy. The scent itself is not so much pure blueberry, it's more a baked blueberry, like blueberry muffins. & Trust me I'm not complaining because it smell just like my friends blueberry muffins that she makes which are amazing good! I honestly think this is a scent you could wear everyday. It's not like most fragrances available in stores. They're all mixed scents but this one is simple & I honestly would recommend this for teenagers as well because it's not a seriously mature scent like most perfumes. 
HIGHLY highly recommend this wonderful product!

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