Chic Mammas Fashion Forward Silicone Teething Jewellery Interview

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Hey guys! Today I have a super cool review for you today! It's Teething jewellery from Chic Mammas! So because this is also gonna be part review part interview, I'll just jump right in.

So this is how they come when you order them from her website (Click Here) On the back side of the packaging it tells you a bit about Chic Mammas as well as how to care for the.

I love how long the necklaces are. They're also good thick material  so the thread won't rip or tear easily & to ensure of that there is also a safety clasp. It's also the perfect size for when you have a baby in a carrier. 

 Now for me the bracelet is much to large, but then again I any teeny tiny wrists. Hopefully she'll think of make making a medium & a large size. 
Because even tho it doesn't fit me, it fits my husband perfectly. & He's super excited how it because he finally has a daddy baby product.  
I highly recommend these & wish I had known about them when I had my daughter. Luckily I found them for my son & I.  Perfect for someone who is Eco Friendly & loves non-chemical products!


Tell me a bit about yourself.
First and foremost, I am a mom to a little boy (20 months) and one more on the way!  Also I am a passionate and energetic woman with an 'entrepreneurial' mind (so my friends say!).  My 'happy' place is working out, cuddling my son, anything to do with art and fashion and working on Chic Mammas (yes, it's true, I actually said working).

What inspired you to create the Chic Mammas Teething jewellery?
I was inspired by my son (and fashion). When he was a baby I realised that for a good part of the day, whether it be nursing or carrying him, I was wearing him (literally). I loved being so close to him although found it challenging when he would tug or try to chew my jewellery.  I worried because I knew it wasn't safe for him to put my jewellery in his mouth, plus he broke a few of my fav pieces along the way.  Other moms told me they gave up on wearing jewellery altogether.  Although I had given up many things (sleep and sanity come to mind) I really liked my accessories and set out on a mission to create a stylish line of jewellery that was safe for my baby too.  Chic Mammas jewellery will not fall apart if pulled and it is safe for babies to put in their mouths because it is non toxic. Not only is it safe but it looks good too! Also the teething necklaces are a great sensory tool for baby to focus on while nursing (instead of pulling your hair) and  the bracelets as a great reminder of the last side baby was nursed.

How long have you been selling them for?
Chic Mammas baby safe jewellery will be celebrating it's first year anniversary this July 2014.  

What are your products made from?
They are made from food grade silicone, the same materials as teethers.  They are non toxic and free of harmful chemicals including BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead and Cadmium. Plus they feature a special breakaway clasp for added safety.
What is your favourite piece?
Hmmm, really do I have to choose?!? Style wise I like the Chic Mammas teething necklaces in Simply Chic, Classic Chic and Bold Chic Collection although I wear the Boutique Chic and Casual Chic a lot too (sorry did I name too many?). Colour wise the Chic Mammas Black and Turquoise teething necklace and bracelets are super popular.  I personally love the Pink, Powder Blue and Creme teething necklaces and the Turquoise and Black teething bracelets.

What is your child's favourite?
Ummm, as long as he can chew and pull on it...he likes it!

How do you recommend caring for them?
This is probably the best part, because they are made are made of food grade silicone Chic Mammas can be easily washed with soap and water and they are even dishwasher safe! Also, silicone, unlike other materials (wood, cloth, etc) is non porous so it does not harbour bacteria and lasts forever.

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know.
Yes.  Chic Mammas is a company that celebrates new moms and their little ones.  Our main emphasis is to provide the highest quality product and service to our customers at an affordable price.  Like many products, although they may look the same, all are not created equal.  Our products are special in that they undergo rigorous safety testing for the material and the construction.  Also, we understand that moms are individuals with different tastes and hence carry a very wide range of styles and colours to suit each moms taste. Although safety is our primary concern, being a fashion junkie myself, it was important to keep fashion at the forefront of all our designs.  After all, even though baby gets to enjoy them, it's mom that's wearing them!

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