BornPrettyStore Kitty Cat Stickers Review

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Hey everyone! Today is gonna be a nail art post on some on some kitty stickers I got from BornPrettyStore. & if you didn't know I love cats. I have always been a cat person & yes I do prefer cats compared to dogs. So let's get started!  

So on the bornprettystore website this is called "12Pcs 3D Nail Art Sticker Delicate Cute Cat's Patterned Sticker" & when it says 12 Piece it means two different cat styles. Not 12 stickers. There are so many differ types & they're all super cute so it can be pretty hard when you finally decide which ones you wanna use first. 

So after applying my base coat & base colour I picked a few different styles of cats. After that I applied my favourite top coat to seal in the sticker & make sure it didn't go anywhere or wear off as fast as it would have if I didn't. My ultimate favourites are the ones on my ring & pinky nails. 

These are so worth the $4.96 in my opinion! You get so many stickers & theres a good variety to chose from. They're also perfect for those friends (we all have them, if we're not one of them) who is obsessed with cats! So that way they can even jazz up their nails with their obsession! 

Don't forget if you wanna purchase anything from BornPrettyStore you can always use my coupon code IPTL91 to get 10% of your purchase! 

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  1. ah!!! I keep seeing all this awesome stuff from the born pretty store and I wanna try them so badly! I made an order months ago that they just straight up lost and I had terrible customer service so I'm undecided about risking another order... though it kinda looks like harlow and co is possibly re-selling some of their stuff at a higher price....