Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff Review

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Hey guys, I hope everyones been doing well. Today is gonna be a Dew Puff review. This one is gonna be on the Bamboo Charcoal review. So lets jump right in.
So this is what the sponge looks like before you get it wet & it's brand new.It's pretty hard & shaped like a teardrop. It also has a string in it so you can hang it to dry, which I prefer compared to leaving it on the counter. 

This is the dew puff once it is wet, it becomes very soft & workable. 

So the first few times I used it without any product like the packaging specifies however I am one of those people that If I'm washing something such as dishes, my hair, body or face I like to see bubbles. It just helps convince my me that whatever it is i'm washing or cleaning is actually being cleaned. Yes I know this may sound silly to some but it's how my brain works. 

So I used the Biore Charcoal Cleaner because we all know charcoal is good for detoxifying. Love this cleanser by the way.

I didn't have to use much of the charcoal cleanser because the dew puff is so amazing, spongy & soft. All you do is apply a bit of product & fold the sponge over once & squeeze a couple of times & it starts making suds right away & it makes a ton of them. So it's perfect for saving products as well. Which pretty much pays for the sponge because the more you save the less of it you'll have to buy! 

So this is what the sponge looks like once it's dry. It shrinks a bit & goes back to being hard which is expect from a real sponge such as the ones made from Konjac root & not once of those fakey plastic once most companies sell.

I really am in love with the Dew Puff sponges all around because they contain no chemicals, preservatives, parabens, chemicals. They're completely natural.  Also because of the shape of the sponge it allows you to cleanse certain parts of your face much easier than other facial sponges & is also much softer. So it may cost $7.00 but is 110% worth it because there are so many pros & not a single con for this product.
Highly recommend this product!!!! 

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  1. I want one of these little things! Thanks for pointing me in this direction.