Alokozay - Cardamom Premium Tea

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I have a tea review for you. It's from the Company Alokozay. So lets get started!
With a nutty flower taste this more bitter but oh so surprising tea has a way of growing on you. The combination of tea, a bit of sugar & milk gives it almost a semi-sweet chocolate taste, that works perfect for a cold winter day, or on the run doing daily errands. This tea works wonders to keep you warm & moving. It's super affordable & delicious & for a box of 25 bags it only costs $2.99 

Alokozay sells a large variety of basic flavour teas. Which is perfect for simple who love amazingly simple yet tasteful tea, that isn't too complex. They also have a page on their website which also shares the many health benefits of tea so if you'd like to check that out as well CLICK HERE.

So this flavour of tea gets a huge thumbs up by my husband I tried it once however because he loved it so much I saved the rest for him, which didn't take him long to go through & he is actually gonna be purchasing this one. 

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