Alokozay - Blackcurrant Tea

Press Sample

Hey guys! I had another amazing Alokozay tea review for you & this time this one is my favourite. So lets get started shall we?

So this one is the Blackcurrant Tea which is seriously yummy. I knew even knew what blackcurrant was or smelt like until I tried the Sweetie Pie shower jelly from Lush. Which is why I was so excited to try this! & man oh man I love it, it's spot on with the blackcurrant taste & smell.
Super yummy fruity tea perfect for spring or summer nice & even better for winter when you're missing the fresh fruit.

Alokozay sells a large variety of basic flavour teas. Which is perfect for simple who love amazingly simple yet tasteful tea, that isn't too complex. They also have a page on their website which also shares the many health benefits of tea so if you'd like to check that out as well CLICK HERE.

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