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Hey guys! As some of you may know I have a 2 year old daughter & just had my son on March 1st. So with a toddler & a baby it can be a bit difficult to get some sleep. Sometimes it's because I am overtired or just because I've gotten up so many times throughout the night to change/check on my son or if my daughter has a bad dream. So using this really & I mean REALLY helps.

 My husband & I normally watch a movie or read a book & that is usually about the time when I apply this. & I am out like a light in about 15 minutes. Most of the time I don't even remember trying or when I fell asleep I just slowly doze off. It also helps me sleep a bit better throughout the night. & Because I fall asleep much easier, I wake up more refreshed & energized because I had a great sleep. 

Also I have sleeping problems which I believe to be insomnia however because I was pregnant & am now breast feeding I had to stop taking my melatonin just because I wasn't to make sure it wasn't being given to the baby in anyway so this is a great alternative to help me with that & maintain my sleep schedule.  

Also I started using it on my daughter as well when I noticed it working on me & she sleeps much better now & doesn't really put up a fuss when we put her to bed. With her I put it on about 10 minutes before we get her ready for bed. Then I lay her down & by the end of the book she's fast asleep. & She has been sleeping much better as well which I am very thankful for.

You can purchase this Sleep Bar on eScential Wellness for $20.00 (It's seriously worth it) 

So check out their website they are an amazing green company that contain no harsh or harmful ingredients !
& Don't forget to check out their facebook page!

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  1. Valerian root is awesome at aiding in a restful sleep. I love the beautiful bar. This sounds really cool. I am going to tell my husband about this. Thanks for sharing this post and glad it's working for you:)