Revlon Killer-Watt lip gloss

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Hey guys! This post is gonna be a review on the Revlon Killer-Watt lip gloss from the new Electric Chrome (The Amazing Spiderman 2 collection). So lets get right into the lip swatches.
Love the spider web on the lid!

 So Killer-Watt is more of a sheer lip gloss. It looks like it would be a very vibrant opaque lip gloss in the tube, but once applied it gives the lips a sheer pink tint with tiny fuschia glitters. Of course you can apply a couple of layers to have a more noticeable pink tint but the formula is a bit sticky & with more product on the lips it'll be more sticky.Which is something I really dislike in a lip gloss just because of fact that I do have long hair & I hate when my hair sort of sticks to my lips & then I have lip gloss in my hair. However if you use just 1-2 coats it's not as sticky which is when I would prefer to use it.

So this isn't a highly recommended product but I would recommend it. 

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