Red Apple Lipstick High Def Lip Gloss - Pink Lady

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today's post is gonna be a lip product review. & To be more specific a Lip gloss from Red Apple Lipstick in the shade Pink Lady. I love what this brand stands for. It's all about amazing quality products without all the unneeded harsh chemicals such as Lead, Synthetic Fragrances & Parabens. This company provides consumers with products that not only look good but don't have any sketchy ingredients so you really can't go wrong. So now onto the lip gloss itself.

Pink lady, is a highly pigmented vibrant lip gloss. The shade is stunning & the pigments don't bleed out. Which I am so thankful for. It's not a moisturizing lip gloss or a drying one either so I'd suggest just applying your favourite lip balm before applying the lip gloss. The wearing time is pretty decent but you will need to touch it up ever now & then, but it's totally worth it. 

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