Province Apothecary Parfum No. 26 Review

Hey guys! Todays post will be a Province Apothecary Parfum No. 26 Review so lets get right into it.

This scent is camping in a bottle. I wasn't the biggest fan of this at first exposure, although I've got to say it grew on me quite a bit because it gives you a feeling of nostalgia; campfire memories and tenting it in the woods came to mind. Each perfume in this line is formulated with a purpose and this one is supposed to strengthen resolve so I chose to wear it a couple of times when I had things to do.

 Who's to say whether or not my scatterbrain was impacted at all but I felt comforted by my campfire snuggle feelings while given the sense of being slightly badass for having sported such a powerful scent of nature as my aroma of choice. I hadn't loved this as much as the others the first time I wore it but I have to admit that it's grown on me.

Perfect for the cold winter months, when you're missing a bit of warmth or those rainy days when you would much rather be outside

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