Modern Minerals Eyeshadow Review

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Hey guys! This post is gonna be a super fun post. It's a product/company review as well as showing you the eye look I created with the products & a GIVEAWAY! YAY! So lets get started!

The company & product that will be reviewed in todays post is Modern Minerals & they sent me 3 of their eyeshadows & 3 of their eye brushes. So this is how the package came. ADORABLE shipping packaging !

This is everything they sent. 

So all of the brushes from Modern Minerals say "Modern Minerals <3 U R Gorgeous" which I love because who doesn't love being told they're gorgeous.
So the eye brushes they sent me are:

The duo-fiber brushes are made with 2 layers of soft fibers. They bristles are synthetic so if you are eco/animal friendly these do not contain any animal hairs so they are cruelty free as well as hypoallergenic. They're also very well made & did not shed any hair.

Now for their eyeshadows. A

So this beaut is Neptune which is a very stunning blue that is super shimmery. 

This gorgeous shadow is called Seychelles. This shadow is slightly tricky. In the container it looks like a neutral honey shade however when swatched it looks like a light pink/honey shade & then when applied with a brush & blended it becomes a translucent honey shade that reflects a gorgeous lavender colour. Which I am seriously in love with. This one is my favourite out of the three.

Next up is Lotus which is a beautiful light lavender shade that is a shimmer but a very soft shimmer. I do wish this colour was slightly more pigmented when blended however it's still a beautiful shadow to work with.

Left to Right: NeptuneSeychelles & Lotus (Applied with my finger)
Left to Right: NeptuneSeychelles & Lotus (Blended out)

BEFORE: As you can see I have hooded eyelids which can make doing my eye makeup a bit difficult, but it's all about placement. 

AFTER: The sun went behind the clouds so I do look more white & washes out the a shades a bit.
I used Lotus for the inner corner, Neptune for the lid & Seychelles everywhere else. * The only slight downside to Seychelles is that because you can only see the lavender shades when light hits it or at certain angles so sometimes it'll look like you missed a spot.  
All the products I used.
2. Modern Minerals - Lotus + Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush
 3. Modern Minerals - Neptune + Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush

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  1. I think cruelty free cosmetics are great, as they demonstrate a standard of care from the provider that's not always seen. It shows the company cares more about something *other* than profit margins and pumping out products as quickly as possible which, in turn, suggests a level of quality that I can be confident in.

    Great review! :)

  2. I think they are great because if we wouldnt put it on yourself then why should we subject an animal to that. I think that it is fantastic that there are companys that go the extra mile even thought it cost more to avoid this happening!

  3. cruelty-free cosmetics are great because i don't have to worry about all the animals that suffered for me just to look pretty. i have never used anything tested on animals and would like to keep it that way.

  4. Cruelty-free cosmetics are fantastic because I really don't care for brands that test on animals. If they don't think it's safe enough to test on a person, they shouldn't be testing on animals.

  5. I hope more people support socially responsible brands like this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I hope my previous comment went through! Yay for cruelty free... More companies should hop on the bandwagon!

  7. Honestly, in this day and age, I cannot understand why ALL cosmetics aren't cruelty-free. It boggles my mind that anyone would think it is remotely acceptable for an innocent animal to be subjected to cruel and painful tests simply in the name of beauty. Kudos to Modern Minerals for taking a stand!

  8. I wish all cosmetic companies would go cruelty free! Make animal suffer to gain money is just horrible! (GFC: nataliedouka, FB: Natalie's BeautyLand)

  9. they are greatebecause i don't have to worry about all the animals! itsvery bad this doing some companies gfc: efi nastou
    facebook name: efi karagrigoriou

  10. Because I don't have to worry about the animals .

  11. beecause there are better than brands that test on animals!
    fb:Flora Ger