Lush 2014 Easter Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar Review!

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna feature the amazing Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar(s) from the 2014 Easter collection. These bubble bars are seriously the creation of a genius. I love that each carrot is a good size bubble bar & that you can get multiple uses from each one. So these are gonna last you a long time.

They're not as soft as the average bubble bar because you're not made to be crumbled. You hold the bubble bar by the green part under the running water, & it's hard so the grass will have a good hold & not fall out during the first use when it's under the running water. I do recommend that because it's like this that you start holding it under the water as soon as you start running the bath or there won't be as much bubbles that you're used to with other Lush bubble bars. 
The scent is amazing, it's a very fresh & fruity scent for sure.  However there's only one item I don't like about them is that when you put them somewhere to dry for another use it leaves a puddle of orange water. It doesn't stain or anything it's just a tiny mess.
Other than that everything else makes it amazing & I would very much recommend trying them before they're gone!

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