L.A. Girl Pressed Powder Review (Translucent)

Press Sample

Hey guys! Today I have a awesome super affordable product to share with you. 
So this post is about the L.A. Girl Pressed Powder in Translucent. I'm actually seriously in love with their packaging. It's not super fancy, then again some may think that it's plain. However I love simple. lmao. Okay I love either super cute or super simple. That's just how I am. It comes in a black box as well & that is one of the things I dislike about it, is that the box rubs against the compact & scratches it a bit. The whiteness in the picture below is actually from the inside of the box. So once you wipe it down it's gone but theres just a bit of wear. 

So inside the compact is a mirror & the powder & then you lift the powder & theres a powder puff. I never really use the powder puffs when I first apply my makeup in the beginning (sometimes the middle) of the day. However, I do used it when I'm out & about & my face is getting super shiny. 

I love this translucent powder because I can apply it, & it wont change the colour of my makeup. Yes I know it says Translucent, but I've gotten others that claimed to be but weren't. It serves its purposes & is very efficient. Also it only costs $7.00 USD which pretty affordable. So you really can't go wrong with it. 

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  1. L.A. Girl stuff are all so good and affordable!

  2. I really love LA Girl! I do feel like not all translucent powders are translucent, I agree :)