L.A. Girl HD Eyeshadow Primer (Pro Primer)

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Hey guys! Today is another L.A. Girl review. The colour I got it in is Nude, however you can get it in black or white as well which I would love to try. However I only have the nude one so let's get right into it. 

This is what the product & packaging actually looks like. It comes as a solid in a stick form. So I really like this type of packaging just for the fact that it doesn't take up much room in my storage drawers & is super easy to throw in your makeup bag when traveling. 

The product itself is a bit stiff. It's not as creamy as I would have likes so I do suggest rubbing your finger on the tip of the product, allowing your body heat to soften it for a more smoother application. If you try to just apply it directly from the stick on your eyelids it jumps a bit & tugs the skin.
It may be slightly hard to tell but on the left side is it applied & blended & on the right is the product directly applied to the skin. 

So let me explain this picture. The shade is Pink Lemonade from Natures Brilliance by Sue
Okay on the left side is Pink Lemonade applied directly to the skin with nothing under it. In the center is Pink Lemonade applied over the L.A. Girl Pro Primer blended into the skin. & on the right is Pink Lemonade applied directly over the Pro Primer without it being blended out.
So as you can see it does intensify the colour & help the pigment grip to the skin better, which would help the makeup application for a better end result.
Now I have oily eyelids as well as a hooded eye shape & a lot of primers actually crease within an hour sometimes even less. Now I'm not gonna lie this lasted about 3-4 hours on me. Which for me is super awesome. To me thats amazing especially for the price of it. Like for it to last that long on me means it's a really good product & would last about 6-7 hours or longer on a person with a non-hooded & super oily eyelids. 
It only costs $4.00 USD which is super affordable & is a product that actually works pretty good in my opinion. So this is a product I would highly recommend.

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