Holographic collection from Trust Fund Beauty Swatches & Review!

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Hey guys! Today I have a super fun post for you. This post will contain my swatches & opinions on the new Holographic collection from Trust Fund Beauty!
Trust Fund Beauty is a Canadian indie brand that sells 5 Free/Non-Toxic (if you don't know what 5 Free means Click Here) & Cruelty Free nail polishes. All of their ingredients come from Denmark & the USA (If you're interested in checking out their ingredients Click Here). So this is a company I am very glad to share with you, because even tho the price is a bit more then your drugstore polish & less than a high end luxury polish, you know there's no harmful chemicals & you still get a gorgeous selection of shades & finishes.

So now that you know a bit about the company & products, let's get into the swatches.
 Oh yea all full size polishes come in one of these stunning boxes! I am so inlove with their packaging! 

Jail Bait is a gorgeous holographic black. This is 2 coats. 

Like Royalty is described on their site as a Royal Purple however I think it's more of a deep pink shade. 2 coats. 

High Maintenance is a beautiful holographic goldish orange. Sadly my two year old daughter grabbed this as I was painting my nails & she got a bit of polish on the front so when I cleaned it off using nail polish remover sadly the silk screen logo came off (so be careful of that) as well as why so much is missing form the bottle. 2 coats.

Don't Be Shady is a beautiful holographic silver shade. In the photograph it does look like it has a blue tint but thats just because of the holographic effect. 3 coats.

Blue Blooded is a stunningly gorgeous holographic blue. 2 coats. 

Filth & Glamour is a eye catching vibrant holographic green. 2 coats.

These polishes are all super gorgeous. The formulation is amazing & most of them only needed 2 coats. I honestly love these & a polish collector can never go wrong when it comes to anything holographic so I would highly recommend these. Each of the Trust Fund Beauty polishes cost $15.00 CAD. If you're interested in checking out all their polishes Click Here

If your interested in placing an order use the code TFBS3 to get a sample trio (they pick) for free with your order ! You'll know the code worked because your order will be 1 cent less.

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  1. Just FYI, last time I ordered, I tried to use the coupon code and it only deducted one penny.

  2. these are soooo gorgeous!