Heitman Cosmetic Company Geranium & Bergamot Face Cream Review

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Hey guys! Today's review is gonna be on a face cream from Heitman Cosmetics Company. & This is gonna be slightly different from my normal reviews because well this product didn't work for me, so I gave it to someone with normal skin since mine is somewhat sensitive. So let's get right into this.

So when I used this, I'm gonna fully admit... I did NOT use it for a long time. I used it for about 2-3 days. After the first time I used it I noticed it felt very heavy & my skin just felt uncomfortable, if that makes sense. Then after the second & third time it irritated my skin more & more. I started to notice red spots & around day four I'm pretty sure there were tiny bumps on my face because of it. & this was the only new product I was using on my face at the time.

& I think this is one of the worst parts. When the person I was dealing with from the company asked me how my experience with the product was going, I told them what happened & it felt as if they were calling me a liar in the nicest way possible. Which I'm not a fan of. Not everyone has the same experiences with products & everyones skin is different. 

So to give it another chance I gave it to my friend Alysia who does not have sensitive skin. & these are her thoughts on it.

"Sadly, I was less than thrilled with this face cream and left a bit greasier for the experience.
Geranium and bergamot is touted by Heitmans for the ability to "brighten and regenerate skin tissue" but I just found myself feeling a little weighed down. It goes on quite thick and does not absorb into the skin easily, therefore making it a better body lotion for extremely dry skin than something I would want on my face...especially my T-zone and the tip of my nose. If "brighten" translates to "shiny", this would be ideal. I do have typical skin, which is what this cream is supposed to be for. I'm not dry, have no acne and am not an oily person whatsoever but this face cream just didn't work out for me as it's marketed.
I ended up using it on my legs, which were quenched by the cream and I put it all over my dry heels. Honestly, I think that's what this would be better used for because I woke up the next morning feeling baby soft. I did, however, have to scrub my face quite a bit in order to stop looking like I was going through puberty as a 15 year old boy.
Definitely not the best facial product I've tried but certainly not the worst moisturizer ever!"

So this isn't something I would recommend.

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  1. not at all impressed with this company or the product, especially how they treated you! thanks so much for the honest post.

  2. Thanks for the props! haha
    Definitely not the best but it smelled pretty good. Might be alright for something like a peeling sunburn. Maybe I'll have to try it out again when my husband refuses to wear sunscreen, then I'll keep you posted LOL