Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer Swatches & Review

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Hey guys! Todays post is gonna be swatches of 3 Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer & also a review of how well they perform with the top coat & base coat that is meant to be used with them. So lets get started.

L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - 706 Meant To Be
L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - 706 Meant To Be
L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - Decadent Indulgence 716
L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - Decadent Indulgence 716
L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - 719 Glossed & Found
L'Oreal  Extraordinaire Gel Lacquer - 719 Glossed & Found
So as you can see they all have a very shiny finish, which is amazing. Honestly who doesn't love a really nice shiny manicure? The application is as simple as your regular application. Base coat, colour, top coat. However these are meant to be used with the L'Oreal step 1 primer (base coat) & topped with the step 2 glaze (top coat). 
These work really well today, & honestly I even love just the glaze alone. I messed up a couple of times, applied the glaze top coat & it completely smoothed everything out & gave it a very glossy finish. Also the brush applicator is amazing I love the shape of it because it applies the product perfect to my nails. This may not be the case with everyone because everyone has different nail sizes but for me this was the perfect size. I really enjoy this line & would recommend trying it. Because I know I'm gonna have to pick up some of the other shades in the line. 

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  1. did you find these lasted longer than usual? i am interested in gel systems that don't require a light :)

    1. Honestly I dont know. I have so many polishes that I normally only wear a manicure for a day & then switch it up. Thats why I never really include how well polishes last in my post unless I wore it for a while which is something I rarely do.