Essence Coral Calling Lipstick Review

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Hello everyone! Today I am sharing this super cute & super affordable Essence lipstick. Essence is a seriously underrated brand that makes really awesome products that are serious cheap in price but not in product. Of course not all of their products are super amazing but most are. 

So the packaging of this particular product is super attractive. It's a nice sleek black tube with the Essence E on the top of the lid. As well as a coloured ring to show what the colour of the lipstick is which I think it really handy because then you don't have to look on the bottom of the tube. 

As you can see this is why I love essence they're very affordable but yet still have gorgeous packaging. I love that they have the E on the lipstick bullet. It's just super awesome that high end product do that as well & have almost the same packaging but yet essence stays affordable for everyone!
So this is what Coral Calling looks like when I'm wearing it. It's a very beautiful coral, it's not to bright & it's not too pink. Definitely a beautiful shade for Spring & Summer. & for some reason I like the smell of it. I don't think it's "scented" but there's a smell & it's not a bad one.

The formula is pretty good, it's not a super long lasting lipstick you do have to do touch ups here & there. It's also a very creamy lipstick so it goes on very smooth with no problems.

Overall review: I still love essence & this product makes me love them even more. They have good quality products for a super affordable price. They are easily accessible to almost everyone considering they're sold in most or all Shoppers Drug Marts. Sadly I think a lot of people ignore the brand because they are so affordable, so they automatically think that the products will be bad quality or something. Which is normally that case with most products/brands except for essence. I love essence. So I have & would recommend them to everyone & anyone.

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