EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Lip Balm review, spring set.

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Hey guys! As you may know spring is now here however the cold hasn't completely left. This winter has be SERIOUSLY mean to my lips. The have been so dry this whole winter. I've tried a few lip balms & they would help a bit but they never really moisturized them completely & brought them back to normal.

I know this is gonna sound like a miracle but these honestly brought my lips back to normal within 2-4 days. I can't even begin to tell you how much these helped. My lips were super cracked, skin was peeling & if I smiled sometime they'd crack & bleed. It was really bad. 

So this contains Strawberry Sherbet & Passion Fruit. Now Passion Fruit & Blueberry are my favourites however they're sold all year & or individually. 

I used to get these all the time & then out of nowhere I stopped. It's like I forgot how well they worked. I must say I do love the unique packaging. It makes it super easy to find when you throw it in your purse/backpack/diaper bag because it's round. It also has a soft rubber texture to it which helps you drip it. It also has a flat bottom that way it's not rolling around everywhere if you put it on a flat surface.

However I dislike the shape when I don't want to carry a purse & want something that will fit nicely in my pocket. If you live in the states however they do offer one in that is more like the norm packaging for lip balms, however sadly I don't believe those are sold in Canada.
These can retail anywhere between $3.00-$6.00 for a single lip balm depending where you go. So I do recommend checking around for where they're sold & what price they're being sold for.   

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  1. funny, I love the packaging! easy to find in your bag, feels nice in the hand, and just so cute! however the balms are flavoured which i don't really like as much.