Demeter Fragrance - Marshmallow Review

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Hey guys! Today's review will be a Fragrance review from Demeter Fragrance Library. This company is super amazing & has such a vast variety of scents. Some... okay well most are slightly abnormal compared to the scents other companies make. However that is exactly why I love them. So on to the Fragrance itself. 
The scent is supposed to be Marshmallow and it does sort of. & What I mean by sort of is I don't think it smells at all like the original white marshmallows when you first spray it, it's very strong & concentrated. However after a bit of time it changes & becomes more subtle & smells more like marshmallows. I must admit I kind of have a slight addiction to smelling marshmallow bags & so I mainly got this to feed the fix when I am craving marshmallows & they're unhealthy yumminess. So this is perfect for me once it dies down because in the beginning it smells wonderful & sweet but not like bags of marshmallows in my opinion. 

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  1. Is this a room spray or oil for a burner? It sounds there a list of smells you can point in my direction..thanks

    1. The one i have is a body perfume, however they do have it in a room spray & an diffuser oil