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Hey guys! So today I have a new type of review for you. This is gonna be a baby product review. As some of you know I have a 2 year old daughter, & just had my son on March 1st. So I'm always trying to find safe products that don't contain any harsh chemicals in them. Even tho I don't using products that may not be as gentle or natural, I do prefer those types of products for my children. Especially since their skin is very delicate & sensitive. Also because my children are so young we have yet to find out if they're allergic to anything. So the way I see it is natural products is the best route to take. 

So I'm in a mommy forum on facebook & I've seen people rave about this brand called Arbonne. & these people swore by it. Now I've heard about it a few times but never really paid much attention, as I thought it was most likely one of those brands that has so much hype surrounding it, & the products don't actually live up to it. So for a while I kind of just ignored it. Until one day a friend of my who LOVES this company, okay maybe obsessed gave me some of the baby line samples. & even tho they were just samples, you could notice the difference after one use. & I don't mean if your child had seriously dry cracking skin & you applied this one it was gone. No I mean realistically if you use think you'll notice a difference.

So enough of that, let's get right into the individual product reviews.

So the set I have hear is the ABC (Arbonne Baby Care) set. It retails for $100.00 CAD of course you can buy each product on its own, but if you're interested in trying them all you can buy the set & save $9.00. I know it's not a huge savings but it's still something right? So I would suggest buying the set, then only repurchasing what you like or if you do like all of them then you can just continue to get the set. 

Baby Lotion: Okay so I have psoriasis & eczema, & my husband also has eczema & our pediatrician actually told us that most baby lotions on the market will actually clog pores & help cause eczema. So he actually recommended we find a light natural baby lotion & recommended this brand. So when I got the samples I was really pleased with it & started to look into the brand more.

It's super light, & has a tiny hint of citrus I think, I can't pinpoint the smell but it's a natural scent. & the two key ingredients in the baby lotion is actually oat & shea butter. Which is amazing, because I remember when I was younger & my skin as irritated my mother would grind up oats & soak them in hot water & once the water cooled a bit I'd soak in it & it was very soothing on the skin.

Baby Oil: This product is awesome. Right after bath & it helped keep their skin moisturized & soft. I used this right after bath time & then the body lotion during the day. They worked wonderful together.

Hair & Body Wash: This would be most likely be my favourite out of the bunch. I believe it cleaned them without taking all the moisture & oils that are needed. & It left them with the fresh smell, not a fake scent, but their own baby/toddler scent which I truly appreciate. It was also very gentle on their skin & face as well as their hair.

Herbal Diaper Rash Cream: I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this product. I haven't really had a chance to use it for a serious diaper rash but I guess that means it really does it's job. I know with other brands as soon as redness would appear on the bum I would apply one of the more advertised generic brands of diaper rash cream & apply it to the area & it wouldn't help much. It would help a bit but it wouldn't stop the rash. With this brand as soon as I spot a rash developing I apply it & it stops getting worse & I actually believe that it soothes the irritation because my baby isn't as fussy. So I really do think this does what it's supposed to.

Water-Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30: I haven't really been able to use this product, well cause it's winter. & Yes even tho you still need protection it's much harder to tell if it's doing what it's supposed to.
Also because my son isn't even supposed to be direct son yet, I have not used it on him. So I will do an update post on just this product during the warmer seasons. 

All over opinion on the set. It's amazing. I wish I would have tried them sooner, but better late then never because I really do enjoy how well these work & also because I know they're not packed with harsh chemicals.

I would & am very much recommending these products & would suggest that you check out the brand in general because they really do make some awesome natural products.

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